About Us

Mor Aluminium has set out with the principle of making production at world standards by using technology for all kinds of demands of the sectors in 2005. It has become one of the well-known extrusion companies with its long years of experiences and works.

Mor Aluminium continues to manufacture aluminum profiles with high quality and customer satisfaction as a solution oriented. Mor has more than 11.000 dies who exporting to more than 20 countries in Ankara, Turkey.


  • To maintain and improve customer satisfaction
  • To have an open mind
  • To be persistent and determined
  • To be solution-oriented
  • To have continuous development
  • To have confidentiality
  • To have quality-oriented service
  • To be aware of social responsibility

Certificate of Technical Review

TÜV International Certificate


Technical specifications

Technical specifications


In addition to keeping the quality standards at the highest level by obtaining ISO 9001-2015, CE 2021, TS EN 755-1-9, NCAGE certificates, Mor Aluminium with nature-friendly production and sustainable living principle carries its signature to the future.

Environmental Awareness

We take into account the environmental impacts of our activities that may arise at facility, and we aim to solve all kinds of problems at the source. We use natural and sustainable resources with the highest efficiency in our production. As Mor Aluminium Team, we maintain our environmental awareness sensitively.

Renewable Energy

In order to reduce dependency in energy and to minimize environmental effects, Mor Aluminium supplies most of the energy it needs from Solar Energy Panels which are located in own facility.

Chemical Refinement

To respect nature and future, Mor Aluminium has a chemical treatment plant in factory and stores own chemical wastes and sends them to the relevant institutions.